Questions related to Wondrium component of the Greats Honors Program

What’s the difference between Wondrium™ and The Great Courses™?

Wondrium ™ is an online streaming, video-only service, featuring hundreds of the most popular online courses (over 8,500 lectures), and is not affiliated with any religious institutions or practices. Wondrium ™ does not endorse or have responsibility for any conduct or comments expressed by the Great Books Academy or any Great Books Academy-affiliated institution licensed to use Wondrium™ content (visit for more details).

The Great Courses™ has a separate website, a different of app (which allows one to download or stream individual videos that are purchased from HERE), and offers The Great Courses™ for individual purchase in several different formats (visit HERE for more details).

How do I watch Wondrium™ courses?

You Can Stream Videos from Wondrium™ :
• via the website using your internet browser
• through apps for your iOS, Android, and Kindle smartphones and tablets

Will new courses be added to the site as they are released?

Yes, new courses are periodically added to Wondrium ™ that users may enjoy.

Do Wondrium members receive any discounts on The Great Courses™?

Yes, Plus members will receive exclusive discounts and free shipping on downloads, CDs, and DVDs from The Great Courses ™.

Why doesn’t my login for The Great Courses™ work for Wondrium™ site?

Because it is a new service with a dedicated website and apps, Wondrium ™ requires a separate account and a membership.

If I am a Wondrium™ member via the Great Honors Program can I access the companion guidebooks that come with each course?

Yes, Wondrium members receive access to all of the associated Course Guidebooks in digital (PDF) format.

How many different people can use one Wondrium™ account?

A single GHP membership with Wondrium ™ can be used on up to ten devices and can support up to five concurrent streams.

Is there any guarantee that Wondrium ™ online streaming will be available indefinitely, or even for more than the current semester?

No, however the Academy has a contractual agreement that allows it to offer Wondrium ™ to its students. The Teaching Company and its Wondrium™  online streaming service may, of course, some day change or alter its terms of service or availability. We do not anticipate any such change, but if one were to occur affecting our students we would notify them as soon as we learn of it, and were such a change to affect the Greats Honors Program somehow, we would endeavor to minimize any impact, or, if the change dramatically affected the program, terminate the program and end the monthly tuition charges.

Class Changes and Program Cancellation: The Great Books Academy reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any or all courses and/or online classes, including but not limited to times, tutorials, mentor sessions, or online locations, at any time, if circumstances warrant (for example, low enrollment in a given class), in our sole discretion. In that event, any portion of tuition not already used would be refunded on a prorated basis of 1/12th per each month of enrollment remaining on the relevant portion of the program at the time of cancellation.

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