Great Books Program students all need to know how to write a well-reasoned, coherent essay. This course introduces students to the art of defining a topic, doing high-quality research with limited resources, and writing an engaging and solid college-level paper.

 The text, Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers, is organized into three sections that lead students through the process of developing and revising a paper. Part 1, “Writing Your Paper,” guides students through the research process with discussions of choosing and developing a topic, validating sources, planning arguments, writing drafts, avoiding plagiarism, and presenting evidence in tables and figures. Part 2, “Citing Sources,” begins with a succinct introduction to why citation is important and includes sections on the three major styles students might encounter in their work: Chicago, MLA, and APA; all with full coverage of electronic source citation. Part 3, “Style,” covers all matters of style important to writers of papers, from punctuation to spelling to presenting titles, names, and numbers.
Student’s Guide will be supplemented with The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage by acclaimed grammarians Mark Lester and Larry Beason to aid students in making careful and correct language choices.
Required books
 The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage
Student’s Guide to Writing College Papers

 Classes start on Friday, September 14, 2020 

Classes are 8-9AM PST (11AM-12PM EST) Thursdays

Class is open to all students 14 years and up.

$495 per year (30 classes)

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