Great Books Program Class Times
9:00 AM PST (Noon EST) Noon PST (3:00 PM EST) 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST)
TUESDAY Moderns Ancient Romans Middle Ages
WEDNESDAY Ancient Romans Ancient Greeks – FULL 
THURSDAY Middle Ages Moderns Ancient Greeks – FULL 
FRIDAY Ancient Greeks – FULL  Ancient Greeks
All classes are two hours in length. Pacific Standard Times shown below–add three hours for Eastern Standard Time. [Perth WA, Australia is 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time, e.g., 4PM PST Thursday = 7AM Perth AWST Friday]

Enrollment Tuition Chart 2019-2020Annual TuitionPayment in Full 5% Discount*10 Monthly Payments Payment in Full
w/Family 30% Discount
10 Payments
30% Discount
Homeschool Program
Grades Nursery-K$50n/an/an/an/a
Grades 1st-12th $225n/an/an/an/a
Greats Honors Program$948$900$95$667$70
Great Books Program
High School Track$995$945$99.50$697$70
College Credit Track$2,999$2,849$299.90$2,099$210
Socratic Discussions
3rd & 4th Grades$395$375$39.50$277$28
5th & 6th Grades$495$470$49.50$347$35
7th & 8th Grades$595$565$59.50$417$42
Grades 3-6 for Children$495$470$49.50$347$35
Ethics (Any Grade 7-12)$495$470$49.50$347$35
Socratic Logic (Any Grade 8-12)$495$470$49.50$347$35
Writing & Composition (Any Grade 8-12)$495$470$49.50$347$35
Greek Language*
Greek I$1,990$1791$199$1393$139.30
Greek II$1,990$1791$199$1393$139.30
Greek Readings (A & B)$995$798 $99$696 $70
Greek Readings (Sec. A only)$498$398$50$349$35
Greek Readings (Sec. B only)$498$398$50$349$35
Latin Language*
Latin I$1,990$1791$199$1393$139.30
Latin II$1,990$1791$199$1393$139.30
Latin Readings (A & B)$995$798$99$696 $70
Latin Readings (Sec. A only)$498$398$50$349$35
Latin Readings (Sec. B only)$498$398$50$349$35
Labor Day (no classes) September 2
1st Day of Great Books Classes September 3-6
1st Day of Greek & Latin Classes September 3
1st Day of Philosophy for Children Classes September 6
1st Socratic Discussion Classes September 9
No classes on this day November 1
Thanksgiving Holiday November 23-31
Last Great Books Class Days, 1st Semester December 10-13
Last Philosophy for Children Class, 1st Semester December 13
Last Socratic Class, 1st Semester December 16
Last Greek & Latin Classes, 1st Semester December 19
Great Books Orals Exams, 1st Semester December 16-20
2020 Academic Calendar
1st Day Socratic, Greek & Latin Classes, 2nd Semester January 13
1st Day Socratic Classes, 2nd Semester January 14-17
1st Great Books Classes, 2nd Semester January 15-18
1st Class Philosophy for Children, 2nd Semester January 17
Martin Luther King Holiday – No Socratic, Greek or Latin Classes January 20
President’s Day – No Socratic Classes February 17
Spring Break April 4-12
Last Great Books Class Days – 2nd Semester May 4-7 and 15
Last Class Philosophy Children 2nd Semester May 15
Last Class Greek & Latin Classes May 19
Last Socratic Classes, 2nd Semester May 18
Great Books Orals Exams, 2nd Semester May 18-22