What is the Great Books Academy Academy?

Summary: The Great Books Academy is a homeschool program. We offer a traditional, complete, home study curriculum for nursery through 12th grade. We offer some online classes for grades 3-8 as well. Beginning in the 9th grade we also offer an online homeschool program for any students who prefer an online approach, which includes all courses through 12th grade. All 9th grade students may choose either our traditional homeschool program or our online homeschool program.

In 9th grade, and up, all students may begin our Great Books program. In it students and our moderators meet online for a live, two-hour discussion of the weekly reading.

A Little More Detail: Our four-year Great Books Program may be taken for high school credit or college credit by homeschoolers and all others. The online homeschool program–the Greats Honors Program—is open to all students and includes online lectures by many famous teachers, for all subjects, 9th grade and up, and includes weekly, live, online tutorials with our Academy tutors. For full details please use the banner tabs, above. Welcome to the Great Books Academy.