enroll_k12Why Enroll in the Great Books Academy?

  • Parent-selected Courses and Mixable Grade Levels.
  • Easy-to-use Lesson Plans You Keep – Grading Service Available
  • Proceed at Your Own Pace – No Rigid Schedules or Deadlines
  • A Complete Homeschool Program for Nursery-12th Grade
  • Great Books High School and College Program
  • Optional, Live-audio, Great Books Discussion Groups Online

To build a stronger foundation for your child’s education, the Great Books offers enrollment at any time of the year. We grade and record all quarterly tests and book report forms. We test on your schedule – we have no deadlines you have to meet. You may send the tests to us at any time of the year.

Parents have repeatedly told us that our Grading Services have been invaluable for the insightful comments, praise for work well done, suggestions for improvement where needed, and the consistent cycle of testing quarterly. Parents often need an outside source for their children, especially as the children get into their teen years, to help keep the school year on track.

Our grading services include offering comments and suggestions on all papers and tests sent to us. We grade all of the quarterly tests for your student. We send the tests back to you. If you have any questions about our grading service, please email the registrar, Dr. Elisabeth Carmack, at: info@greatbooksacademy.org we will be happy to answer your questions.

Home education is legal in all 50 states (subject to various regulations in some states), and homeschoolers routinely outperform students at institutional schools. Great Books Academy provides numerous homeschooling services, but we do not teach you – you are learning at home (and, in a sense, are on the “roll” at your home school). When you register with the Academy, we provide all of the services listed to enhance and assist your home education.

READY TO ENROLL?……..It is easy to enroll in the Great Books Academy. Please follow these two simple steps. 1. Add the correct grade level(s) registration to your shopping cart by clicking the grade(s) in which you wish to register your child(ren); 2. After we receive your order, you will receive a welcome letter contained your password for the online resources listed above, our email address for enrolled students, and a request for the name and birthdate of your newly registered student(s). Just reply with that information and we will begin a transcript and individual academic file for each registered student.


Enrollment includes all of the following services and materials.

  • Academy Lesson Plans and Books Report Forms – for all courses taken during the course of one year for one child. You may begin your school year with us at any time of the year.
  • Quarterly Tests (1-12th Grades)
  • Certificate of Completion (mailed upon request)
  • Diploma – if the student completes our requirements for one.