Please note: completing this placement test is not necessary in order to enroll with the Great Books Academy.  It is made available as a convenience, desired by some.

You may wish to take only one, a few, or all of these placement tests. You may discover your starting level with the Academy will vary in each course – that is, you may do well, for example, in 7th grade math and not above 5th grade in grammar. That is fine and very normal. We encourage homeschoolers to begin where they are, in each course selected. Which courses you decide to take, and at what levels, is up to you.

You may grade or evaluate the test results yourself, or you may send them to us for evaluation and our suggestions. We hope you find these helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions (

Great Books Academy Courses

Below is our list of Principal and Enrichment Courses. Parents are free to pick and choose as they wish for their child(ren).

Art (Nursery-8th) Great Books Program (9th-12th)
History (K-12th) Socratic Online Classes (3rd-8th)
Language Arts (Nursery-12th) Greek (1st-12th)
Literature (Nursery-12th) Latin (1st-12th)
Math (Nursery-12th) Philosophy for Children (K-8th)
Music (Nursery-8th) Science (Nursery-6th)
Science (7th-12th) Ethics (9th-12th)


The PDF file above contains a placement test for the following courses:

  • Art
  • Foreign Languages (Greek and Latin)
  • History
  • Language Arts (Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing) 
  • Literature (The Good and Great Books Programs)
  • Music
  • Philosophy For Children
  • Science
  • Socratic Discussion Group (Listening, Speaking, Understanding)

(this test includes a placement test for Cartography (Map Essentials) which we no longer use)

 Math Placement Tests

Placement Test for Saxon K-3rd Grades

Placement Test for Saxon 4-7th Grades

Placement Test for Algebra 1

Placement Test for Algebra 2