Our Good Books Literature Guides for Nursery though 8th grade come with a full-color front cover, Answer Key for each guide, True/False questions, and Essay questions to encourage young writers, and a synopsis of each book.  The Nursery, Preschool and Kindergarten Guides will depart from the layout and presentation of the guides for grades 1-8 so as to appeal to younger children.

Our Good Books Literature Guides were written by Dr. James S. Taylor, author of the widely acclaimed Poetic Knowledge: The Recovery of Education.  Dr. Taylor took his first formal course in Children’s Literature from Dr. Dennis Quinn at the University of Kansas and had many conversations concerning these poems and stories with his colleague, Dr. John Senior.  He has taught Children’s Literature at the high school and college levels for nearly two decades.

“What I have to say about the selections in these guides draws from my childhood memories and adult reflections as well as my conversations with Quinn and Senior.  None of the age and literature categories used in the Great Books Academy Good Books grade list are absolute.  Think of the Good Books (grade levels) as notes of music with the freedom to work up and down the scale as you see fit.” 

For more information on our Good Books Program, please read this article.