Greek Words and Roots for Science and Literature

Did you know that approximately 50% of English vocabulary comes from either Greek or Latin?  Did you know that 90% of science vocabulary comes from Greek alone?  This course will help prepare the student for future educational endeavors and life through study of Greek words and roots.

No previous knowledge of Greek is required, but certainly is helpful. The only textbook needed for the course is any standard English dictionary.   Outside of class work each week will be approximately 1/2 hour, for the sake of those on summer vacation!  The course is available to students 8 years old or above.  Classes will be held Wednesdays, 8:00 to 8:30 AM Pacific, May 19th through August 25th.  Tuition for the 15 week course is $375 ($356 w/April discount). Registration is complete upon your reply to this email indicating intent to register and our reception of tuition payment.  Please send tuition payment in the form of a check to:

Sebastian Carnazzo
7644 Langley Canyon RD
Prunedale, CA 93907

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If you have a group of five or more, we will attempt to meet your needs with the formation of a new class that fits your schedule!

Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo

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Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo, PhD, is a priest in the Melkite Catholic Church of America and pastor of St. Elias Melkite Parish in San Jose, CA (  Along with his pastoral duties, he is also an adjunct lecturer in Biblical Studies and Catechetics for the Christendom Graduate School of Theology as well as an instructor for a number of other institutions.  He received his BS in Animal Science with a concentration in veterinary medicine from Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, CA, his MA in Theology with a concentration in Sacred Scripture from the Christendom Graduate School of Theology, Alexandria, VA, and his PhD in Biblical Studies from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.  His dissertation was published under the title Seeing Blood and Water: A Narrative-critical Study of John 19:34 (2012).  He is also the author of many articles and the contributor to a number of multi-author works.

Dear Parents of Greek Students and Adult Greek Students,

The classes are beginning to fill up.  Some are almost closed and others still have room.  Please contact me asap if you are wanting to register for one of these classes.

As most of you likely know, along with my Greek knowledge, I have an MA in Theology and a PhD in Biblical Studies.  I am guessing that some of you might be interested in the fact that I will be offering, this fall, online classes for kids in scripture, Old Testament in the Fall and New Testament in the Spring.

If you are interested in that, then you might also be interested in a weekly online bible study for adults and kids that I offer for free every Wednesday evening.

Online Courses

All class times are in Pacific Standard Time. The Online semesters run for 15 weeks. Tuition is $375 ($25/class).

Fall 2021 Greek Classes: September 15 through December 22, 2021

These courses are for students ages 8 to 18 (5% Discount for April Enrollment)

Advanced Greek: Wednesdays

Alpha     8:00-8:25am Pacific Standard: Full

Beta      8:30-8:55am Pacific Standard: Full

Intermediate Greek: Wednesdays 9:00-9:25am Pacific Standard: Full

Beginning Greek: Wednesdays

Alpha     9:30-9:55am Pacific Standard: Class forming Now!

Beta      10:00-10:25am Pacific Standard: Class forming Now!

Gamma 10:30-10:55am Pacific Standard: Class forming Now!