Academic Calendar 2022/2023

All Greats Honors Program, Homeschool Program, and Great Books Program: Asynchronous courses do not have official start dates and can begin at any time.



Dates for Live Classes

Fall 2022 Semester
1st Day of all Master Writing Cycle CoursesSeptember 1
1st day of Thursday and Friday Great Books ClassesSeptember 1 & 2
1st Day of Tuesday and Wednesday Great Books ClassesSeptember 6 & 7
1st Day of Monday Great Books ClassesSeptember 12
1st Day of Philosophy for Children ClassesSeptember 2
1st Day of Socratic Discussions ClassesSeptember 12
Thanksgiving Week Holiday (No Classes)November 21-25
Great Books Oral ExamsDecember 12-23
Last Great Books Class Days, 1st SemesterDecember 15, 16, 19-23
Last Philosophy for Children Class, 1st SemesterDecember 16
Last Socratic Discussions Class, 1st SemesterDecember 19
Last Greek, Latin, and Master Writing Cycle Classes, 1st SemesterDecember 22
Spring Semester 2023
1st Day Great Books (Monday Class), 2nd SemesterJanuary 9
1st Day Socratic Discussions Classes, 2nd SemesterJanuary 9
Martin Luther King Day (No Classes)January 16
1st Day Great Books, 2nd Semester (Tuesday - Friday Classes)
(Only Monday classes start on Jan. 9)
January 17-20
1st Day Philosophy for Children, 2nd SemesterJanuary 20
President's Day (No Classes)February 20
Spring Break (No Classes)April 3-7
Last Great Books Class Days, 2nd SemesterMay 2-5, 15
Last Latin, Greek, and Master Writing Cycle Classes, 2nd SemesterMay 2-5
Last Philosophy for Children Class, 2nd SemesterMay 5
Great Books Oral Exams, 2nd SemesterMay 8-19
Last Socratic Discussions Classes, 2nd SemesterMay 15
Memorial DayMay 29